About Us

Our History

Riddle Commercial Properties was created by Joseph (Joe) P Riddle III in 1989 as a corporate entity to handle the growing inventory of real estate holdings owned by the Riddle family at that time.

From then to now, Joe Riddle has spent a career developing, purchasing, and listing viable commercial holdings to the point where Riddle Commercial Properties today leases and manages 1.6 million square feet of space.

In our primary markets, we are uniquely equipped to evaluate a client’s specific business needs and we have an incomparable inventory of buildings for lease and vacant land for sale and for lease as is or built to suit to fit most commercial needs.


Joe and his wife, Trina


Our Team

Bill McFadyen, Broker


Bill McFadyen graduated Davidson College after four years in 1983. After a two-year independent study in Maui, Hawaii examining the ways of island life, including uninterrupted employment at Kimo’s Restaurant during that time, Bill returned to his hometown of Fayetteville, NC. There he took up a role in the family”s business retailing and financing musical instruments. When the stockholders sold out to Brook Mays Music in Dallas, Texas in 2000, Bill stayed with that company and eventually rose to the post of Vice President of Repair Services. He oversaw 200 employees at 71 store locations in nine states, generating around $20M a year in repair income. In 2004, Bill left the retail marketplace and the constant travel to become a licensed NC real estate broker in Fayetteville, and he went straight into commercial brokerage with Fayetteville’s Coldwell Banker Commercial franchise. His sales production peaked at an annual total, excluding leases, of $8M. In his fourth year, he parted amicably from CBC to become partners with Mr. Franklin Johnson, a strong, independent broker with 20 years personal experience.

From January 2008 to 2018, Franklin and Bill forged a new alliance in the commercial marketplace of the economically tenacious Fayetteville/Ft. Bragg. Their combined personal experiences with farming and land, national retailing, residential and commercial development, and rental tenancy give this team a diverse, yet colloquial knowledge of the investment community. With these skills and experiences, Bill McFadyen and his partner will earn their keep in finding your desired property or brokering the sale of your valued parcel.

On April 24, 2018, I started work as in-house commercial broker of Leasing and Sales for Riddle Commercial Properties. Since then, the phones have rung and the properties have leased. I love it here. Someone said, “You work for Joe Riddle! Boy, never a dull moment, right?” Wrong. Sometimes Joe is not here. That is when it can be dull. Otherwise, “never a dull moment” fits. Things happen here, and I love my job.




Chris Rhodes, Executive Assistant

Kyle Riddle, Property Manager

Tammy Stanton, Property Manager

Ashley Bandalan